Laundry still hung at fitness corner in Sengkang despite notice from town council

Submitted by Stomper Alex

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A Sengkang resident has continued to hang laundry at a fitness corner despite a notice put up by Ang Mo Kio Town Council advising residents not to do so.

Stomper Alex alerted Stomp to the incident and took a photo of what appears to be a carpet and pillows left to dry at a fitness corner near Block 310B Anchorvale Road on Monday afternoon (Mar 10).

In the background is a notice put up by the town council on the outside-facing wall of Block 310B.

In the notice, the town council says the fitness corner is for residents to exercise at and "not for hanging wet laundry on the fitness centre equipment(s)".

It added such behaviour causes inconvenience to the users of the fitness centre area.

Residents are advised to hang their wet laundry at their kitchen balcony area.

The town council said it will not hesitate to remove any laundry left at the fitness corner immediately and/or issue a notice of summon in which the resident is liable to a composite fine of $100 for breach of town council's by-law.

"This is a blatant disregard of the town council's notice or the culprit simply cannot read," Alex said.

"Or maybe they even came from the mountains."