Kudos to honest 7-Eleven manager for keeping Stomper's phone safe and returning it to her

Submitted by Stomper Jasreena

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Stomper Jasreena left her Samsung Note 4 phone at a 7-Eleven outlet in Geylang on Sep 8.

She was buying magazines for her son and was in a rush when she left her phone beside the magazine counter.

She only noticed the loss five minutes after leaving the store but fortunately, when she came rushing back, her phone was in safe hands.

It was with Lut Lumina, the manager of the store.

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Jasreena was very grateful to the manager and informed Lut Lamina's store supervisor, Mr Michael Toh, about her honourable action.

"It is very rare to find such honest people nowadays," said the Stomper.

She is planning on buying a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers for Lut Lamina.

In addition, she also wishes to also further commend Lamina's honesty by informing Dairy Farm, the pan-Asian retailer that 7-Eleven is under, about the incident.