Couple offers $100 reward for Samsung Note 5 phone lost at Causeway Point: 'It contains our kids' photos'

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Stomper Vijay's wife lost her mobile phone at Causeway Point yesterday (June 20) at around 2.30pm.

She misplaced it in the ladies' toilet on the seventh floor of the mall.

The couple is appealing to any kind souls who may have come across it to return it as it hold great sentimental value to them.

Said the Stomper:

"My wife is very depressed due to the incident.

"The phone contains a lot of old memories and photos as well as important notes for work purposes.

"If any kind hearted soul has picked up the phone, please return it to us.

"A small reward of $100 will be given for your help."

Vijay added that the phone has a pink casing and is a Gold Platinum 32GB Samsung Note 5 model.

If you have any information about the Stomper's phone or have found it, please write in to or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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