Kind-hearted passersby help push wheelchair-bound senior citizen up slope at Marsiling Drive

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The sight of two men helping to push a wheelchair-bound senior citizen up a slope at Marsiling warmed a Stomper's heart.

She witnessed the kind act at Block 7A at around 6.50am on Sep 26. 

The Stomper first saw the elderly person from afar struggling to move up the slope and suspected that the battery for the mobility device had run out.

She wrote:

"Before I could reach the elderly person, a man came forward to help to push the senior citizen from Block 7A to Block 2 at Marsiling Drive. Another man later came forward to help along the way as there was a slope that required more effort." 

"It's really nice to see two complete strangers coming together to help a person in need, especially considering the fact that they may be rushing for work since it is early in the morning."