K-pop boyband SHINee's Onew under investigation for sexual harassment

K-pop boyband SHINee's leader, Onew is being investigated for sexual harassment.

He is accused of inappropriately grabbing a woman in her twenties at a popular night club in Gangnam, Seoul on Aug 12.

The woman said that she was dancing on stage when she felt someone touch her, reports AllKPop.

She said she ignored the incident at first but when it happened again, she asked another reveller if he saw what had happened.

The witness claimed that he saw the 27-year-old singer touching her and they both reported the incident to the police.

Police arrived at the scene on the same day at 7.20am and interviewed Onew, the woman and the witness for five hours.

Onew reportedly told the officers that he was too drunk to remember the details of what had happened.

His agency, S.M. Entertainment issued a statement apologising for the incident.

It said:  "Onew visited the club to celebrate with his friend who had just debuted as a DJ. The incident was a misunderstanding, as Onew accidentally made physical contact with the woman while dancing on the stage drunk."

The agency also said that the woman has dropped the charges against Onew and acknowledged that such incidents could occur under the influence of alcohol.

"Onew plans to faithfully participate in the remaining investigation."