Jurong West resident shocked to see tiny black wriggling snake enter his home

Submitted by Stomper Caseyakahzg

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Stomper Caseyakahzg was at his home in Jurong West Street 42 last night (Oct 21) when he saw a slithering black creature enter his home.

"Is it a worm or a tiny snake?" he asked.

He was also puzzled as to how it came into his home which is on the eighth floor.

Judging from the creature's appearance, it is most likely a  brahminy blind snake which belongs to the Typhlopidae family of snakes.

They usually grow up to 18cm long and have black and smooth cylindrical bodies.

They are often mistaken as black earthworms but move much faster.

They usually live underground in burrows and have no use for vision so their eyes are very reduced and they have a blunt and rounded snout.

Brahminy blind snake feed on small soil-dwelling invertebrates and are believed to be an all-female species that lay eggs.

They are not poisonous and unlikely to bite.

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