JB carpark full of slippery 'oil fields': 4 S'pore motorcycles skid within 30 min

Visitors to a shopping centre in Johor Bahru have been complaining about the presence of many oil puddles at its carpark, with four motorcycles skidding just within half an hour. 

Of the four motorcycles, three are from Singapore, and five Singaporeans were hurt after falling from their bikes. 

The incident happened at the carpark of KSL City Mall on Sunday (March 4) between 1.30pm and 2.00pm.  

One of the victims, Mr Cai Qing Song, 41, told Lianhe Wanbao that he and his wife would travel to KSL City Mall to shop once every fortnight.

This was the first time they had an accident. 

He said: "We were leaving the shopping mall when we suddenly discovered that there were many oil puddles on the ground.

"We couldn’t avoid all of them, and the motorcycle skidded out of control, with us getting thrown off."

Mr Cai said he suffered abrasions on his right hand and leg, and his wife’s suffered bruises on her ankle after the bike fell on her. 

Although the motorbike could still function normally after the incident,  it was badly scratched. 

Two Singaporean riders had also slipped five minutes before Mr Cai and his wife. 

The two of them, Mr Liu Qin Yang, 31 and Mr Qiu Shijie, 31, fell while riding into the carpark. 

Said Mr Liu: "There was oil all over the floor. Many of the pedestrians nearly fell as well. 

"There was not a single sign placed up to warn people, and the sole employee working there did not inform the other riders about the situation either. 

"He merely told the others to slow down. As a result, there were multiple victims."

Mr Liu emphasised that within 30 minutes, four motorcycles had skidded, and six people were injured.

Even more atrocious, said Mr Liu, the employee offered no assistance and even hurled insults at the fallen victims.

He said: "While we were asking for help, he actually told us, 'You guys can’t see for yourself? If you rode slower, you wouldn't have fallen. I didn’t fall because I drive a car.'

"We were all taken aback by his comments. It really made us angry."

Mr Cai added: "We are the victims here, and it’s already bad enough that we suffered injuries. Not only did he offer no help at all, but he actually talked down to us like this.

"This is just ridiculous."