Is someone poisoning dogs in field at Kovan? At least 3 have died

Ian Cheng
The Straits Times
Oct 7, 2023

Dog owners are warning others against taking their furry friends to a field along Parry Avenue in Kovan, following suspected poisoning cases that have led to the deaths of at least three dogs.

Across separate cases, owners said on social media that their dogs experienced symptoms consistent with poisoning, such as multiple seizures and vomiting, after returning from the open field, which is slightly larger than a football pitch and frequented by dog owners who take their pets there to run and play.

“If you’re not aware at this point, please avoid Parry for now,” said Instagram user @bernedoodlesage – whose dog Palo displayed symptoms of poisoning and subsequently died after a visit to the area.

In an Instagram story, Palo’s owner claimed to have alerted “quite a few” dog owners trying to enter the area, located about 15 minutes’ walk from Kovan MRT station, on Saturday morning about the suspected poisoning incidents.

An Instagram story posted by @zeustheaussieshepherd shows the aftermath of Palo’s eight-hour ordeal at the vet clinic. “We were all there till his last breath, (Palo) knew he was not alone.”

An image of a sign with the words “dog poison” in large block letters, put up along the field, has also been circulating on social media.

The sign alleges that there have been suspected poisoning cases not only at Parry Field, but also in the surrounding area, including Phillips Avenue and Sandilands Road.

“Multiple dogs dead, please be very careful,” it warns.

In a response to queries from The Straits Times, the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), a cluster of the National Parks Board, said in a joint statement with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) that it has been alerted to social media posts involving dogs at a field at Parry Avenue.

AVS said it has gotten in touch with the dog owners involved, and is looking into the matter with SLA.

The Straits Times

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