Burberry becomes 'Bup Erry': Sephora says manufacturer's issue may have caused letters to fade

Submitted by Stomper Claudia

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It opens with a burst of red and dark berries, featuring floral notes of jasmine and violet at the heart with a base of dry amber and musk.

This vibrant, fruity and floral fragrance was created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, according to Sephora.

A woman bought the Burberry Her fragrance from Sephora but suspects it could be counterfeit because the bottle says "Bup Erry".

Sephora said a manufacturing issue might have caused the lettering to fade.

Stomper Claudia said she had paid nearly $50 for the 7.5ml Burberry Her eau de parfum roll-on at Sephora's Orchard outlet two months ago.

"I don't use it often," said the Stomper.

It was only last week when she realised the bottle says "Bup Erry" instead of Burberry.

She said she has e-mailed the company and is waiting for a reply.

Claudia shared with Stomp a photo of the product showing the Sephora tag still attached to the box and the second "B" and part of the first "R" missing from the Burberry bottle.

In response to a Stomp query, Sephora said: "Sephora is a company that sells authentic products from cosmetics to skincare products.

"This product may have an issue from the manufacturer that caused the fading of the label."

The company offered to arrange collection of the product from the Stomper to proceed with a refund.