Introducing LiHO: From Gong Cha to 'gone-cha'

On Monday (June 5), all 80 Gong Cha outlets in Singapore had been converted to a new local brand LiHO.

A popular bubble tea chain, Gong Cha was one of two predominant bubble tea franchises that divided Singaporeans, serving crowd favourites such as Milk Oolong Tea and Honey Milk Tea, with special add-ons like white pearls and Ai-Yu Jelly.

Singapore's love for Gong Cha is evident by the queue of around 90 people that was spotted at its remaining Marina Bay Sands outlet on Sunday (June 4) at about 3.45pm, all eager to get a final sip of their favourite Gong Cha drink.

However, how do people find the new LiHO drinks (such as their unique cheese teas) and the opportunities that this change ensues?

In this video, Stomp takes to the streets to find out.