International Emmy Awards will no longer honour Kevin Spacey following sexual assault allegations

In a tweet at 7am on Oct 31, the International Emmy Awards announced that it wlil no longer honour actor Kevin Spacey with the 2017 International Founders Award. 

This is in light of Spacey's alleged sexual assault on Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp. Mr Spacey was accused of laying down on top of Anthony at a party when Anthony was 14 years old.

Shortly after the accusations, he took to Twitter to apologise for "his deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour", adding that he "does not remember what he did" as the incident had happened over 30 years ago.

The 'House of Cards' star has also been dealt with another blow as Netflix announced it will end the political drama after the upcoming sixth season.

Netflix did not give a reason as to whether it was due to the allegations of sexual assault surrounding Mr Spacey.

However, Netflix spokesman Karen Barragan said that the decision was made months ago, long before the allegation surfaced against Spacey, 58, a two-time Oscar-winning film star.