Inconsiderate Mercedes-Benz driver gets 'karma' at Woodlands Checkpoint

Submitted by Stomper Jasmine

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A Mercedes-Benz was caught on video cutting in front of a Stomper's car and refusing to give way to other vehicles.

Stomper Jasmine shared with Stomp footage of the incident that happened on the way to Woodlands Checkpoint on Wednesday (July 5).

"The cam car was in its lane when the Mercedes-Benz signalled to change lanes just as the cam car was right alongside it.

"Cam car driver gave a short honk to inform that he was in the blind spot and instead of waiting to change lanes safely, the Merc driver decided to cut aggressively into the cam car's lane.

"Further aggression can be shown when the Merc driver later refused to give way to other cars that had already signalled.

The Stomper added that the driver got his 'karma' in the end.

"Extremely inconsiderate driver but I guess he must be rushing to clear customs to pump his petrol as he was then stopped for low fuel and had to get out of the car with his passenger and got escorted to the customs office."