Isn't this dangerous? Cleaner spotted sweeping shelter without safety harness

Submitted by Stomper Daniel

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Update on Nov 11, 2016:

A spokesperson from Nee Soon Town Council informed Stomp that they have met and spoken to the parties who acknowledged the safety breach:

"Nee Soon Town Council takes a serious approach towards the safety of our residents, staff and contractors. 

"Our contractors are required to train, equip and ensure that their cleaners use a safety harness in such conditions."

She added that the contractor has been issued a warning letter and sternly reminded to adhere to the safety requirements.

She said:

"We thank Stomper Daniel for highlighting the incident to us."

Original article:

Stomper Daniel was concerned when he saw a cleaner sweeping a shelter on the second floor of Block 363 Yishun Ring Road yesterday (Nov 19).

He saw the cleaner standing freely without any safety harness or fall prevention device.

Said the Stomper:

"This is a very dangerous practice. 

"I hope the respective Town Council can look into it seriously.