Hyundai driver almost causes accident after cutting abruptly across lane at Newton Circus

Submitted by Stomper Kerlyn

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Stomper Kerlyn almost got into an accident because of a driver who cut abruptly across a turning lane at Newton Circus at 3.34pm on Friday (July 7).

Kerlyn said her husband was making a turn when the driver of Hyundai Getz SGM 2339 J cut abruptly into his lane.

This almost caused an accident, but Kerlyn said thankfully her husband managed to avoid a collision.

"My daughter was sitting in the back seat," added Kerlyn.

"The driver did not stop but sped off despite us sounding the horn at him soo we had to give chase.

"The driver did not feel apologetic, but to our surprise, he said 'I drove faster than you so I can cut across your lane'."