Horrific accident in Canada shows why it's dangerous to beat red light

A cyclist in Canada was involved in a horrific accident after beating a red light at a traffic junction on Jul 15.

In a video of the incident posted on ROADS.sg, the driver who recorded what happened had to stop at the junction to give way to the cyclist even though she had the right of way.

A driver in a car next to her however, could not jam on the brakes in time and hit the cyclist at a relatively high speed.

The cyclist slammed onto the car's bonnet upon impact and his bicycle flew several metres in front.

Thankfully, the cyclist managed to walk away from the accident unscathed, reported CBC News.

However, he was charged by authorities in relation to the incident thereafter.

Although the harrowing accident took place in a foreign country, Singaporeans too, should learn from it and understand the dangers associated with beating traffic lights.

Your life is more important than the small amounts of time you save by disobeying traffic rules.