Safety clearly means nothing to cyclist who almost got hit after beating red light

A cyclist was nearly hit by a vehicle after beating a red light.

According to a timestamp on a video of the incident posted on, the incident took place on Jun 28 at 7.38am.

In the video, the driver who recorded the incident can be first seen making a right turn. The traffic lights were in the driver's favour at that point of time.

As the vehicle was approaching a pedestrian crossing, the cyclist beat the red light and rode across the road, causing him to almost get hit.

Read a caption on the video:

"OMG, this cyclist is daring others and risking his own life at this crossing.

"Should there have been a car on the right, this cyclist would have been badly hurt. 

"Cyclists, please exercise caution & proper road sense on our roads as safety is a shared responsibility by all and for all."