Hebei kindergarten teacher caught pricking kids with toothpicks, spanking their buttocks

A teacher in Hebei, Yanshan county, China was caught on camera abusing her kindergarten students by pricking them with toothpicks and spanking them on the buttocks.

Parents of the children filed a complaint after viewing surveillance camera footage from inside the school, which revealed a female teacher abusing the pre-schoolers.

In one clip, the teacher is seen pricking a child with a toothpick before spanking him on the buttocks. In another, she makes a kid slap himself in the face.

A parent who watched the surveillance tape also describes how the teacher punished a child for not sleeping during nap time by making him stand up for more than an hour.

The kindergarten is now under investigation by the police and has been closed in the meantime, reports Shanghaiist.

Incidences of child abuse at kindergartens happen with alarming frequency in China, but only seem to cause a real stir when they occur at expensive private kindergartens in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

Similar scandals that take place out in the countryside are often simply overlooked or not even reported.

This has been the most discussed (and most censored) topic on Chinese social media over recent weeks.