Heartbroken owner of lost bird offers $500 reward for its safe return

Submitted by Stomper Hui Jun

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Stomper Hui Jun is devastated after her yellow-sided conure flew the coop on Feb 26 at around 6pm from her home at Block 341 Woodlands Avenue 1.

Hui Jun said that it was spooked off by an eagle and that they have yet to locate it to this day.

They are appealing to any member of the public to keep a lookout for it.

"She has been with me for six years since she was a baby," she said.

"If you are keeping her safe or picked her up by accident, please return her to me.

"She is my first pet, I really miss her."

Hui Jun added that she is offering a $500 reward for her safe return.

"She is tame and friendly to most strangers, especially male," she said.

"She dislikes certain females and hates babies, toddlers and kids.

"She will dance when you are holding a treat."