Have you seen Cutie? He flew away from home at Pasir Ris Street 52

Submitted by Stomper Kishen

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Stomper Kishen is looking for his rosie-fronted conure, which flew away from its home at block 517, Pasir Ris Street 52, on Feb 23 at 9am.

The bird is named Cutie, but will respond when called 'Boy' as well.

According to Kishen, the bird was last seen at 6.30pm on the same day, in front of Block 515 and near Sungei Api Api Park.

It then flew towards Block 612.

Kishen is offering a reward for the safe return of Cutie, who has a medical condition and requires extra attention.

If you have any information about the bird, kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

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