Have you seen my black Braun Büffel wallet? I lost it at Jurong East Bus Interchange

Submitted by Stomper Rasta

Stomper Rasta lost his black Braun Büffel wallet at the Jurong East Bus Interchange on July 4, 2017, at around 8pm.

According to Rasta, he had lost it at a walkway close to the staff pantry in the interchange.

Stomp also received a copy of the police report which Rasta had lodged. 

Said Rasta:

“I have a lot of important cards inside the wallet.

“I won’t mind if whoever finds the wallet take the money inside, but please return my wallet to me.

“Hope to get it back soon.

“Thank you very much.”

If you have any information on the wallet please email Stomp (stomp@stomp.com.sg) or send us a message through WhatsApp (9384 3761).