Guy visits Yishun resident's unit empty-handed close to 11pm, says he's selling ice-cream

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People don't usually go around knocking on doors close to 11pm.

That's why a Yishun resident was taken aback when a youth rang his doorbell late at night last Friday (Oct 20).

The Stomper shared a video taken from his doorbell camera of the young man at his door.

In the video, he is heard saying: "I'm so sorry if I woke you up, I'd like to apologise.

"I'm just a student studying at Republic Poly."

He then added that he and his brother are studying and work after school from 4.30pm to 11pm selling ice cream.

In the video, the youth is not carrying a licence or anything else.

When the Stomper declines to buy from him, he apologises again and wishes him a 'good night'.

"This guy is going around selling ice cream late at night, saying they're doing this to support him and his brother's studies," said the Stomper.

"It's a bit inappropriate, first off for food safety, we don't know where the ice cream comes from or the legitimacy of their agenda. 

"The timing they choose to do this (is also inappropriate)."

He recalled the youth came to his unit a couple of months ago and added that many of his friends living around Yishun and Sembawang were also visited by the same person.

When asked if he reported this to the authorities he said no.

"Although what they are doing is unethical, I think a police report is a bit too much," he said.

"But I understand that doing charity work like this needs a permit."