Group of men bang dustbins and sing loudly in Hougang void deck from 2am to 5.30am

Submitted by Stomper Nitin

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A group of men were caught on camera singing and creating a din in a Hougang void deck with their voices echoing through the night.

Stomper Nitin shared videos of the incident taken on Oct 28 at 5am.

"A group of guys were singing loudly at the void deck of Block 548 Hougang Street 51. They were also using big dustbin to play drums as early as 2am and continuing even after 5.30am," said the Stomper.

Taken furtively from behind the pillars in the void deck, the videos show about half a dozen men having a raucous time as they sat around a table with drink bottles on it. 

The Stomper said he did not call the town council or the police.

"Those guys did not seem to belong to the neighbourhood so I don't think town council can do much," explained the Stomper.

"Also, it didn't seem like gang activity, so no point calling the police since they were not brawling.

"Most of the residents simply shut their windows to keep out the noise, but still, it was quite odd for these guys to be singing loudly on a weekend morning."