Grab driver demands extra $5 for condo basement pick-up, cancels ride after passenger says 'no thanks'

Submitted by Stomper Julie

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A woman was disappointed by the behaviour and 'customer service' of a Grab driver who demanded an extra $5 when she requested he pick her up at her condominium's basement lobby on Jan 20.

Stomper Julie shared that she had booked a ride via Grab from Fifth Avenue Condominium at about 8pm.

Julie added that it was raining all day that Saturday and when she called, the driver didn't pick up.

"So, I dropped a message asking to be picked up from the basement lobby," she said.

To her surprise, the driver said: "If I come down there will be extra $5 (sic)."

He added that it was 'extra distance'.

Julie told Stomp that the lobby is only about 50m from the guardhouse.

She then said 'no thanks' and discovered that the driver had cancelled her booking.

Julie has been a long-time user of Grab, but said this is the first time she has encountered such an incident.

"This kind of driver shouldn’t be on the roads," she said.

She has since reported the matter to Grab. A representative told her that the driver had received a strike on record as a corrective action.

They added that they will continue to monitor and train the driver to ensure this doesn't happen to her or anyone else again.