Girl whose hair got stuck in escalator wails as distressed dad tries to comfort her

A video shows a toddler who was trapped after her hair reportedly got stuck in an escalator.

According to online reports, the incident is believed to have happened at a shopping mall in the Philippines, though its exact location and date are unclear.

The video, which went viral after being posted on Facebook, shows the young girl lying on an escalator, her hair apparently having been pulled into a gap.

She can be seen crying while stuck in her position, as a man -- presumably her father -- tried to comfort her.

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At one point, the man tapped on the escalator in frustration.

Some reports have alleged that the girl's left hand was also trapped in the escalator, but this cannot be confirmed.

It is unknown what happened after the video.

Netizens have questioned why nobody came forward with scissors to free the child, as well as reminded parents to always monitor their kids closely when on an escalator.