2-year-old girl's ankle badly cut and 'dripping blood' while riding escalator at Punggol Plaza

Submitted by Stomper Yu Ling

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Stomper Yu Ling's two-year-old daughter sustained a huge cut on her ankle while riding an escalator at Punggol Plaza on Feb 26 at around 8.30pm.

In a telephone interview and Facebook message, the Stomper said her daughter was cut as the both them were taking the escalator from level two to level one. Yu Ling was holding the hand of her daughter on the down-riding escalator.

The Stomper recounted what happened:

"When we were nearing level one, my daughter's ankle had a deep cut.

"It looked like something brushed against her from the top of her ankle.

"There was blood dripping on the floor.

"She cried in pain and some passersby came forward and told us there were clinics around.

"However the two clinics I went to were already closed.

"I then sent my daughter to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

"The doctor put my daughter to sleep and examined her injury.

"He said it was a good thing the cut did not reach her vein.

"I think my daughter received around four to five stitches.

"I plan to ask the mall to let me view the CCTV to find out what caused the injury.

"I am sharing this because I want to let others know that they should be careful when riding escalators."