GetGo car repeatedly cuts in front of Stomper in Hougang: 'He really is a racer'

Submitted by Stomper Jer

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A GetGo car was seen cutting in front of another vehicle along Hougang Avenue 9 on Saturday afternoon (Sept 30).

Stomper Jer shared a video of the incident with Stomp that was taken from his in-car camera.

The blue Toyota Sienta with the GetGo logo on its side is seen cutting into the bus bay in order to overtake Jer's car.

When Jer refuses to give way to him, he continued to inch forward causing both cars to come to a standstill.

The same car is seen cutting in front of Jer's vehicle as they are leaving a drop-off point.

"Reckless driving," said Jer.

"There are two kids inside without safety car seats while the driver is driving.

"He really is a racer.

"How can the authorities issue a driving licence to this guy who is endangering our fellow Singaporean lives."