Well done to SBS staff for swift response after commuter vomits on train

Submitted by Stomper Heng

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Stomper Heng had just boarded the Downtown Line from Bugis towards Beauty World last Friday (Feb 24) at around 3.45pm, when he realised that a train commuter had thrown up on the seats and floor of the cabin that he entered.

Heng said:

"The whole place was stinking with a foul odour."

A commuter called the Downtown Line operator, SBS Transit, and a worker was dispatched within ten minutes.

According to Heng, the worker took around ten minutes to clean up the mess and sanitise the seats. Said the Stomper:

"This was a wonderful response. I'm very impressed with the speed at which SBS reacted.

"Kudos to our rail workers for doing a good job and maintaining our rail lines to ensure cleanliness and comfort for all commuters."