ITE student who helped elderly woman cross road: Treat others the way you want to be treated

An ITE College Central student who was recently seen helping an elderly woman cross the road told Stomp that he believes in good karma, and that you should treat others the way you want to be treated.

20-year-old Shipping Operations and Services student Ahmad Tufail, the student who earned the praise of netizens in Singapore for his kind deed, said this in an interview with Stomp yesterday (Feb 22).

His friend Ridwhan Lee had posted a photo of him helping an elderly woman cross the road on Twitter.

In a Stomp report on the incident, Ridwhan said that he felt Ahmad deserves praise as he does not ask for credit for doing a good deed.

"This is who he chooses to be when no one is watching," said Ridwhan to Stomp.

According to Ahmad, they were having a meal at a Mr Teh Tarik outlet with some friends when he saw the elderly woman struggling to walk down a slope.

He immediately stopped eating and walked over to her, asking if she was ok and if she needed help.

When the elderly woman nodded in response, Ahmad supported her and helped her walk down the slope and across the road, before getting her to sit on a chair at the cafe he had been eating at.

"She smiled and thanked me, and I was very happy to have helped her," said Ahmad.

The student is waiting to complete his final exams before going for his National Service.

He did not realise his deed had gone viral on Twitter and subsequently featured on Stomp.

"My classmates shared in our group chat on WhatsApp," laughed Ahmad during the interview.

"My friends and family members were calling and messaging me to praise me for it.

"Some even said, 'Wow, you are popular now,' and 'you are a hero'."

The youth also said he considers one of his aunts as his role model as she travels the world for her job at sea.

"I want to travel the world in a job at sea as well," said Ahmad.

Watch the full interview in the video below, in which Ahmad shares how he felt when he realised his deed had gone viral and how his parents influenced his helpful behaviour.

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