Stomper wants to find kind uncle who tried to return his lost wallet

Submitted by Stomper Eric

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Stomper Eric is appealing for help to identify an elderly Chinese uncle who is in possession of his black flip wallet.

He lost his wallet near his house at Redhill on Thursday (Dec 1), around 4.15 pm.

He left his house to look for it and returned at 7.30pm.

When he reached home, his neighbour informed him that a kind soul had gone to his doorstep to try and return his wallet when he was out.

This elderly man left a note written in Chinese with the words: "Please call me" and his contact number.

However the Stomper called the number and found out that it did not belong to the elderly man or any of his close relatives.

The wallet contains documents which are important to him, and has no distinctive markings.

He hopes to find this kind uncle such that he can retrieve the wallet and reward him appropriately.

Kindly contact us at or via WhatsApp at 9384 3761 if you have any information about this case.