You'll be in shock after seeing how 'shiny and fresh' vegetables in India are made

If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Shiny, perfect-looking fruits and vegetables might be what you need to be careful of.

A video by 101 India titled 'The Great Indian Vegetable Scam', has garnered about 9.3 million views since it was posted on Sep 7.

In it, Indian vegetable farmers show how they make sure their vegetables are well-received by buyers -- by spraying them with silicone and dyeing them green.

Leftover vegetables are coated with silicone spray to make them look shiny and fresh.

"We are not the only ones doing this," he says. 

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They also dip green vegetables in a tank of artificial textile green dye to give them that extra 'fresh' colour. However, these dyes could affect one's liver and kidneys.

As for vegetables like the bottle gourd, they inject them directly with hormones to make them grow at a faster rate.

These drugs like oxytocin are only meant to be used on animals, not vegetables.

Farmers resort to these extreme measures due to a 'supply and demand'. When they sell fresh vegetables that are not tampered with, customers refuse to buy vegetables that look less than perfect. 

They are then forced to do this to make enough sales for their livelihood.

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