You will be horrified by the conditions in this one-man zoo in China

While China has had its fair share of controversies over poor zoo conditions, a "one man zoo" in Chongqing has managed to set a new low when it comes to animal comfort.

Chinese web user were unanimously horrifying Chinese web users with its squalid conditions and cramped cages. 

Tang Decai is the owner, keeper, cleaner, ticket seller, guard, guide and vet of this zoo located inside Wanzhou Park in Chongqing municipality's Fuling District.

He has animals like lions, monkeys and bears, reports Shanghaiist.

He also used to have an ostrich. Sadly the animal fell asleep too near a neighboring cage, which contained a hungry jackal.

However, Tang said there is no sense in wasting good meat and plans to feed the ostrich legs to his 20-year-old lioness.

Photos of Tang's zoo have caused uproar online with Chinese netizens saying that it embodies the worst in human nature.

One ticket to the zoo is 10 yuan, but the emotional scars might be permanent.