Terrifying ‘Haunted Pub’ video circulating online will send chills down your spine

Recently, a video showing two employees of Chapel House Pub in Dudley, England, getting spooked by objects that seemingly moved on their own, have been circulating online. 

In the video shared by Distractify, the ‘wet floor’ sign is seen moving, seemingly pushed by an unseen force. 

Manager Katie Ann Round then showed up to investigate the source of disturbance, though she could not find anything out of place.

Then the sign started moving again and toppled over. 

Katie was clearly spooked by the event, pointing to the sign and speaking to her fiancé who was off-screen, before leaving.

Her fiancé then took it upon himself to look for the culprit, only for the mop to suddenly topple over as well, scaring the living daylights out of him.

Apparently, there has been a history of complaints by customers about paranormal activities at the pub.

What’s even more spooky is that a police station stood at the same site in the past, and the locale cellar was used to store criminals. 

Coincidence or hoax? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.