Shanghai's first unisex public restroom receives mixed reactions

Males were more agreeable with Shanghai's first unisex public bathroom while woman are against the idea, citing reasons such as safety and privacy concerns.

The revolutionary bathroom which aims to help reduce waiting times for such facilities, especially for women is scheduled to open on World Toilet Day on Nov 19, according to China Daily and Asia News Network via AsiaOne.

The bathroom has 10 unisex cubicles and is located at the intersection of Zhangjiabang Road and South Pudong Road.

Dong Xiangbin, a Shanghai resident in his 30s said,"  I can accept it.

"It has doors and the partitions are made using stone instead of glass, so I'm okay with it."

While Feng Min, 23, said, "I will use it during the daytime, but definitely not at night, because I think it is too dangerous."

She added that since the cubicles are not soundproof, it's going to be awkward for both males and females because of the noise that generates when people use the toilet.

Liu Fang, 26, said that she wouldn't use the facility unless she was in a rush. "I can't accept it. I prefer the traditional ones."

The public bathroom also has a separate men-only area featuring four urinals.

Another space was allocated for people with disabilities and those with children.

Users have to enter via the same doorway to go into the restroom.

However, the stone partitions are 2.3 meters high.

There are no gaps between the floor and the door.

"Ordinary restrooms use clapboards, but our partitions are made of cement," said Shen Yue, the restroom supervisor.

She further mentioned how the bathroom is better than the conventional ones, because it's more spacious and decorated with potted plants.

Authorities said that they will evaluate the response to the bathroom before deciding whether to open it around the clock or build more in the city.