Plus-sized model told to 'kill herself' after losing 250 pounds

Imagined getting told to purchase a second flight ticket because one seat is not enough to fit a person who weighs 410lbs (186kg). This piece of heartbreaking news was what brought 36-year-old Rosie Mercado to tears, and became the biggest turning point in her life, reported Distractify.

At 170lbs (77kg)  today, the quality of Rosie's life has improved greatly ever since her weight loss.

According to the site, dieting and exercising played a huge role when she first started, and even more so now to maintain her weight.

One would expect fans to be happy and impressed with such dramatic weight-loss results, but this wasn't the case for Rosie.

Rosie started receiving death threats and messages telling her to "jump off a bridge" and "commit suicide" after sharing that she opted to get a gastric-sleeve to help move things along in her fitness journey.

She told TMZ: "Fat activists…just hated the thought that I was really public about my weight loss and that I was losing weight."

Though most models diet and exercise to become a size zero, that was not Rosie's goal. Currently a size 12/14, she's come a long way from the size 34 she once was.

"Diet for me really equaled a lifestyle change, it equaled freedom, it didn’t equal a size… going on a rollercoaster, going zip-lining and just having fun," she explained.

According to the site, her diet was nothing extraordinary; just the usual high protein, low carb, sans dairy. Upon becoming more disciplined with her healthy eating habits, she went ahead and got the gastric sleeve.

Once a stress-eater and self-proclaimed bad-decision maker, she reflects on her lifestyle change:

"I think it’s a personal choice, and you have to take the good and the bad that comes with any life change."

And here's what Rosie has got to say to her haters:

"I don’t think they liked how public I was about my weight loss and getting a tummy tuck and skin removal and just being authentic and real about it. But I’m happier at the end of the day."