Passengers 'protest' their Kunming-bound flight delay by playing shuttlecock on the tarmac

A Chinese flight captain has been suspended after he called for his passengers to protest another plane cutting in front of them in line and causing a flight delay.

The Yunnan Lucky Air flight from Xishuangbanna to Kunming was scheduled to take off on Nov 28 at 12.05 am but was still on the ground at 12.40am.

The flight captain then told the passengers that another plane had cut in front of them in line and asked them to protest this "injustice".

The passengers followed his instructions and disembarked from the plane. They then passed the time by playing shuttlecock on the tarmac.

Other than 12 passengers who decided to take another flight, the rest of the passengers got back on the plane at 1am after negotiations with the airport staff.

According to Sohu News, the plane took off at 3am.

The video of the passengers playing shuttlecock quickly went viral online and Lucky Air later announced that the captain had been suspended from flying.