For real? Couple seen doing stunt on bike -- then apparently end up in horrific accident

Two videos showing a couple performing a dangerous stunt on a motorcycle before appearing to be involved in an accident have surfaced online.

It is unclear where and when the incident happened.

A Facebook user from Malaysia had uploaded two separate clips on the social networking website with the caption, "Do not think this makes you look good! You will definitely regret the consequences."

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The first video shows a guy and a girl doing a stunt on the moving bike, which is also tilted at a dangerous angle on one wheel.

The second one shows what is implied to be the same couple injured after an accident. The girl can be seen trying to get up while her male companion appears to be bloodied and unconscious.

However, netizens have expressed doubt over the authenticity of the incident, pointing out that the guy is dressed differently in both videos.

"Look the motorcycle is different and also the guy in [the] first video was wearing short pants [but long pants in the second video," commented one user.