Daredevil attempts selfie with crocodile and regrets it instantly

A 27-year-old Danish backpacker, Johnny Bonde attempted a selfie with a crocodile and got more than he bargained for, when the crocodile bit onto his arm and shook him. 

Bonde had initially tried taking the photo from a ‘safe’ distance, but accidentally slipped and fell on top of the beast, prompting it to attack, reports Distractify.

He said:

“"He got my arm and shook me ... It was the result of me being stupid. 

“If somebody body slammed me at night, I would be angry too."  

Fortunately, he managed to break free, but the damage had already been done.

The man headed to a nearby hospital for treatment of multiple lacerations.

After the incident, Bonde posted a warning on Facebook to other intrepid wildlife enthusiasts like himself — along with a photoshopped image of him wrestling a crocodile. 

Said Bonde in his post:

“Thanks for all the well wishes everyone it means a lot! everything is going great, it's not as bad as it looks . 

“It's mostly my ego that's bruised.

“My insurance won't cover the hospital bed witch is the most expensive part of it all, and needed to stay an extra 3 days. 

“So just got discharged from the hospital , no stitches, so its all good. 

“We are back on the road again in a few days.

“Thanks to my amazing girlfriend Kirsty for putting up with all the stupid shit l do, and for taking care of me! What would l do without you! 

“PS. Don't swim, pet, play or land on any crocs! You will end up with a sore arm or even worse no arm…"

The backpacker also posted a video of his injury he sustained. 

Check out the video below.