Barbie Hsu collapses after heart condition relapses -- but is saved by husband

Celebrity Barbie Hsu suddenly lost consciousness at home last month when her heart condition relapsed from exhaustion, giving her husband Wang Xiaofei a scare.

During a promotional event in Taipei last Sunday (Mar 5), the 40-year-old Taiwanese actress told reporters about the incident:

“My husband saved my life.

“Lucky he was there (when I fainted).”

After she collapsed, her husband quickly brought her to a hospital, reports AsiaOne

According to Apple Daily Taiwan, Hsu’s heart condition --- mitral valve prolapse --- relapsed after she overexerted herself. 

Symptoms of the disorder include irregular heartbeat, dizziness, difficulty breathing, fatigue and chest pain. 

Hsu also recounted how her her husband had tears in his eyes as he held on to her hand when she regained consciousness in hospital. 

He insisted that she go for a full medical checkup before she was discharged. 

The loving couple has two children, a two-year-old daughter and a 10-month-old son. 

Hsu also commented that in light of her fragile condition, she would not plan to have a third child:

"I never planned for a third child, but after this incident, I think that's even more impossible now." 

Watch a video on the story below.