Ex-teacher quit teaching to become OnlyFans content creator, says stripping is 'more cathartic'

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August 30, 2023

Teaching was “suffocating” but stripping for the camera is “cathartic”.

So says Singaporean Chanel Yui in a TikTok video posted on ThatMomChat on Aug 11.

In between giggles and fidgeting with her colourful braids, Ms Yui talks about becoming an OnlyFans content creator after quitting her teaching job.

OnlyFans is an Internet content subscription service used primarily by sex workers who produce pornography, but it also hosts the work of other content creators.

Teaching had been a childhood dream (besides marine biology) for Ms Yui, who was on a scholarship.

But actually being a teacher was quite different from what she dreamt of.


Would you leave your job to pursue a career in OF?

♬ original sound - Thatmomchat

"I have been in a very, very suffocating environment.

“And I told you right, I (got into trouble) a few times. 

“I (got) called down to the office and was told, 'This one is not very appropriate', 'Can you take this (post) down?', 'A lot of complaints about you', blah blah blah,” she tells the interviewer.

Ms Yui says that she quit her job at a secondary school only recently.

When the interviewer asks if she was scared to make such a leap, she gets an unexpected reply that makes her go “huh?”.

"The scary part is the money,” says Ms Yui.

She explains that previously she knew "where the money was going to come from" by having a stable job.

But going into OnlyFans is what she describes as almost like freelancing, which she says is a "scary leap".

"As for the stripping," Ms Yui says, "it’s more cathartic actually.”

Her friend, who is a "quite successful" influencer, helped guide her on how to create content on OnlyFans.


Would you leave your job to pursue a career in OF?

♬ original sound - Thatmomchat

Most netizens were not impressed. Some were also concerned.

“You just want quick and easy money, simple as that. Just say you are materialistic. Nothing to be scared about,” said one person.

Said another, “Hey you do you, man. Just remember - easy money comes at a cost. Don’t get angry when you’re in your 30s, single and men treat you like s***.”

Ms Yui seems to have an emotional past that could have contributed to her getting into this field.

After her mother died, she says it was "one huge responsibility completed" and she felt she could "open up her options and explore them".

Her mother’s passing was the “turning point” in her going into OnlyFans, she says.

“Can't imagine what your mum would think if she is somewhere looking down at you,” one user said.

In this day and age when people say do what makes you happy, these may seem like harsh words.

But sometimes it is prudent to listen to those who actually care.

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