Two left with burn injuries after fire breaks out in warehouse along Tuas Avenue 10

Submitted by Stomper Win, Steven, Karthik

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Update at 7.15pm:

The SCDF have said in a Facebook post that two people have been sent to hospital after a fire broke out at a warehouse in Tuas Avenue 10.

Read the Facebook post that was published at around 6.30pm:

"SCDF is at scene conducting firefighting operations with 4 water jets, 1 unmanned firefighting machine and 1 aerial firefighting platform.

"The fire involved the contents of a warehouse and is now under control.

"Two persons from the premises have been conveyed to Singapore General Hospital by SCDF ambulances for burn injuries."

Original post:

A fire broke out in a building along Tuas Avenue 10 at around 4.30pm today (Jun 24).

Stomper Win who was at the scene alerted Stomp to what happened.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that he initially saw flames at the corner of the building.

He also noted seeing a fire engine and SCDF personnel trying to put out the fire when he arrived.

The fire got bigger, and eventually engulfed the building, Win added.

In a video the Stomper sent, thick black smoke can be seen coming out of the complex as a crowd of onlookers watched on.

Stompers Steven and Karthik also sent Stomp a video showing the burning building

The cause of the fire is unclear.