Filipino man throws loaf of bread at cashier when told not to cut queue, gets 'treated' to free milkshake

Those who work in the service sector would tell you how obnoxious some customers can be. 

Recently a Filipino customer became the most hated man on the internet after a video of him attempting to cut queue made its way online, reports The Coverage

In the video, the customer was seen attempting to cut the queue but was told by the cashier politely to join the queue like any other customer. 

However, he refused. even insisting that he was originally in the queue before proceeding to throw a loaf of bread at the employee.

The cashier returned the favour in kind, spilling milkshake on him.

The soaked customer was then escorted away by other customers, all the while shouting at the cashier.

It is unclear what happened after. 

Goes to show, it pays to treat service personnel with the respect you wish them to show you.