Uber driver sends drunk passenger who asked "are you a retard?" to police station

An Uber driver discovered that the best way to handle a drunk, non-compliant passenger was to let the police handle matters.

A video shared by Singapore Uncensored, and credited to Facebook user SJ Phua, shows the conversation that the driver and his passenger had on June 18 at around 10.28pm.

The driver had picked up the man, whose destination was 38 Trans Street, at Old Holland Road along Bukit Timah at about 10.12pm.

Said the driver: "Took the Bukit Timah Road to Farrer Road [route] to the AYE (Keppel). Upon reaching the AYE, he started to kick up a fuss and questioned the route, saying it’s a longer route than his usual, bringing him around Singapore, more than 30 minutes ride, ripping him off etc."

In the video, the passenger can also be heard asking the driver, "Do you know how to drive?" and "Are you a retard?"

The driver eventually dropped the man off at Police Cantonment Complex and told an officer at the entrance, "Sorry, he wants to make a police report against me so I need to drop him at a police station."

Check out the interesting conversation that ensued next.