Fernvale resident uses pole to stop workers on gondola from moving up, threatens to sue them

Submitted by Stomper Dicky

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Town council halts installation of anti-bird nettings at Fernvale block after resident blocks workers on gondola

Original article:

A resident was caught on video stopping workers from carrying out their work at Block 471C Fernvale Street on Wednesday afternoon (June 21).

Stomper Dicky alerted Stomp to the incident and shared a video he took at about 1pm.

In the video, the man is seen using a pole to prevent the workers from moving upwards on a gondola before grabbing one of the ropes with his hand.

The two workers try talking to the man and one of them is seen taking out his phone to take a photo of him while he is shouting at them.

"What I heard was that he was shouting at them that the town council had already informed the residents that there will be no work activity going on but the contracts were continuing to carry out their job," Dicky said.

"I'm not sure what the workers were doing, they just started going up when the resident came out shouting at them to stop work.

"I heard he wanted to engage a lawyer and sue those workers."

Stomp has reached out to the town council for comment.