Fans trying to buy tickets for Mayday Parade concert face glitches 'due to high surge of traffic': Promoter

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Mayday, mayday, they were unable to get tickets for the concert.

It is not just Swifties – but fans of US rock band Mayday Parade in Singapore too.

A Stomper was frustrated by error messages when he tried to purchase tickets for the group's Oct 24 show at the 977-seat Capitol Theatre.

He said that the presale tickets were supposed to be released at noon on July 2.

"However, they claimed they accidentally released the tickets at 2am," recounted the Stomper.

"When noon came, many of us could not buy the tickets as there was an error message saying: 'There was a problem submitting your order. Please try again later.'

"Many of the concert-goers tried to select the standing tickets, but it said: 'The seats aren’t available next to each other.' It’s a standing show yet they asked us to choose the seats.

"At 12.05pm, it was unavailable on the website and they posted on Instagram they opened the seated ticket.


"On July 8 at 10am was the sale for seated tickets. The same error message was seen on the website and suddenly the website said it was unavailable at 10.05am.

"Carousell scalpers are already selling the ticket for twice the price! Please publish this so it will be known that they didn’t fix the error on the website and also for them to come up with a second show."

The tickets are priced at $88 for presale and $98 for standard, not including ticketing fees.

Mayday Parade's popular songs include Jamie All Over and Miserable At Best.

In response to a Stomp query, the promotor, Upsurge Productions, said: "Thank you for reaching out regarding the recent complaints about ticketing issues for the Mayday Parade live in Singapore, which utilised the Eventbrite platform that is commonly used by independent concert promoters and event organisers in Singapore.

"While the event page was turned on by accident during the testing phase and immediately turned off, presale tickets officially went on sale on July 2 at noon. The technical glitches experienced during the ticketing process were unfortunately beyond our control due to the high surge of traffic within the first few minutes. 

"We immediately initiated contact with Eventbrite to identify the cause and seek resolution as soon as we became aware of the issues.

"This event sold out within 30 minutes for each ticket launch.

"During testing, the mentioned errors did not occur and Eventbrite could not replicate the issue, thus the errors were likely attributed to the high surge in traffic and customers trying to check out at the same time. The system also holds a ticket purchase for 10 minutes, and errors could be due to pending orders that were waiting for payments to go through.

"As part of ticketing terms and conditions, resale of tickets in excess of the initial value is prohibited. We are looking into the matter and take this seriously, and urge fans not to purchase from scalpers and third-party websites. As an additional layer of prevention, random verification checks will be conducted on event day.

"We are heartened by the overwhelming response for this event. This is our fourth show with Mayday Parade. The previous shows have always been at smaller venues and took quite a while to sell out, but we decided to upgrade to a bigger venue at the Capitol Theatre this time to allow more fans to watch their favourite band.

"We value the feedback and support of our fans, and deeply regret any disappointment or inconvenience caused."

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