'Deprived' Jacky Cheung fans want Carousell, concert promoter to do something about ticket scalpers

Submitted by Stomper Francis, Flag Swinger

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Six shows in July at the Singapore Indoor Stadium which has a capacity of up to 12,000.

Yet, tickets for the Jacky Cheung 60+ Concert Tour in Singapore were sold out in four hours.

And soon after that, tickets were being resold on Carousell at too-high prices.

Stomper Francis said: "Within four hours, tickets for the upcoming Jacky Cheung concert were sold out and in less than seven hours, they re-appeared on Carousell for $500 (original top price is $388)."

Stomper Flag Swinger shared a screenshot of a Carousell listing for $2,388 tickets.

"This is, of course, unethical," said Flag Swinger.

"People who really love Jacky Cheung can't buy the tickets when they really want to watch him in concert. We need to go to Carousell and buy those tickets at such a high price.

"Come on, those who love Jacky Cheung could already be in our 60s. How can we afford such high prices for the tickets?"

The Stomper is resigned to not seeing the Heavenly King.

"I couldn't snatch the tickets online, just like many others. It's just my luck and I accept it," said Flag Swinger.

"But I won't buy the tickets from Carousell at such high prices and let those unethical people earn the extra money. I believe the tickets are intended for people who really enjoy his songs, not for some people who want to earn something out of nothing.

"Carousell should do something about it."

Francis hopes the concert promoter will improve how they sell tickets.

He said: "Perhaps the organiser did not learn from the Ed Sheeran concert in Singapore where there was rampant ticketing scalping.

"Genuine fans are deprived while unscrupulous scalpers hoard the tickets. Because it’s not illegal to scalp, our authorities leave it to the organisers to manage, but the management is too weak to ensure fairness.

"The terms and conditions state no resale is allowed, but one wonders how the organiser is going to enforce it.

"This upcoming concert allows you to purchase a maximum of four tickets. It should be reduced to two.

"Organisers should make the purchase process as long and complicated as possible so scalpers will give up in frustration.

"It’s time we get rid of scalpers by selling a smaller number of tickets at first and then gradually increasing the ticket limit as time goes by. This will make it impossible for scalpers to buy up all the tickets quickly and ensures that a certain number of people will be able to buy a ticket."

"Better still, introduce dynamic pricing to discourage scalping."

Like Flag Swinger, Francis will not be attending the concert.

"I won’t feed these scalpers," said Francis.

Flag Swinger said: "No choice lah. Maybe wait for YouTube or TikTok lor."