Family sleeping in tent pitched outside Boon Lay HDB flat: Town council working to improve situation

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A family has pitched a tent in front of a Housing Board (HDB) unit at Boon Lay Drive and is reportedly staying in it.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the situation and said that the family has been sleeping in the tent outside their unit for many months.

"The whole unit is so cluttered and hoarded that the neighbours are also cramped," he said.

He also expressed concern regarding three personal mobility devices (PMDs) situated nearby and said they are a fire hazard and an 'accident waiting to happen'.

In response to a Stomp query, the West Coast Town Council said they are aware of the situation and have reached out to the family.

A spokesperson said they are also working closely with relevant agencies to provide assistance to the family involved.

"Meanwhile, we have done safety checks on-site, and have advised the family to do regular housekeeping in reducing items placed in the common corridor," the spokesperson said.

"The town council, along with the relevant agencies, will be visiting the affected family again and conducting checks to improve the situation."