Inconsiderate family sets up camping tent inside Pasir Ris Park shelter where sign says no camping

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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The sign said no camping.

In case you were unable to read English, there was even a picture of a tent crossed out

Yet, right next to the sign was a tent.

A Stomper is upset that someone had set up a six-person Quechua camping tent from Decathlon in the Pasir Ris Park shelter where camping was expressly prohibited.

"We went with friends to Pasir Ris Beach on Jan 14. We were there from 5:30 pm to 9:30pm," said the Stomper.

"In spite of the instructions on the sign, people were camping in the rest area. We were with kids and it was raining too. People who camp like this are so inconsiderate of others. The entire area was taken by the family who camped there.

"I was able to sneak in only for a while to get these pictures."

Camping at Pasir Ris Park is permitted only in Areas 1 and 3. The shelter is not in those areas.

The Stomper said: "People who do such things need to be penalised and a stern warning needs to be given so that they understand that it’s a public place and not their personal space."

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