Family of wild boars seen foraging at Pasir Ris Dr 3

Submitted by Stomper Kiat

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Stomper Kiat spotted a sounder of wild boars frolicking on a patch of grass near Vue 8 Residence, a condominium in Pasir Ris on Monday (Jan 1), at around 1pm. 

Kiat quickly took a photo and video of the boars. 

According to Kiat, many of the condominium residents, like himself, have spotted the wild boars foraging for food.

Said Kiat:

“We’ve seen them many times already.

“There are around 15 of them, and six wild dogs living in the patch of forest.

“They are always searching for foods and sometimes they will come out of the forest to the pavement near the road.”

Asked if he felt the boars pose a risk to public safety, Kiat replied:

“I think it’s ok as long we leave them alone.”