Like a boars: Wild herd goes for supper at Tuas Interchange coffeeshop

A large pack of wild boars were seen wandering about outside a coffeeshop at Tuas Interchange in a video circulating on social media and WhatsApp recently.

A Stomper shared the clip with Stomp, which shows a large number of boars standing on the road outside the Tuas Interchange coffeeshop.

Diners and staff at the eatery can be seen looking on in amusement at the unusual sight.

A van driver parked by the side of the road pushes a trolley to load items from his vehicle.

The curious boars follow him to watch what he is doing, and continue trotting after him when he pushes the trolley full of items across the road.

The clip drew humorous responses from WhatsApp recipients and netizens, who also expressed wonder at the sheer size of the pack.