Family desperately looking for pet cockatoo that flew from their Telok Kurau home

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A family was shocked when their pet cockatoo flew from its cage on Aug 10.

Stomper Maizah told Stomp that they have been absolutely distraught trying to locate their pet bird named Snow around the Telok Kurau area where it flew from.

"He is a part of our family and we miss him dearly," she said.

"He is a shy cockatoo that gets spooked easily but loves to dance when happy.

"Please help us to keep a lookout for him, especially in the East.

"He is tagged and will be easily identifiable by the rings on his feet.

"He may not have eaten for days and must be weak and scared.

"He loves to eat peanuts and peas.

"I am reaching out to Stomp in a desperate attempt to get this news to more people.

"If any white feathers or similar-looking birds are spotted in your neighbourhood or you suddenly hear loud screams (cockatoos scream very much) in your area that weren't there before, please consider reaching out

"Snow has had issues with people before and is very afraid, he doesn't know how to survive on his own, hunt for food or defend himself from other birds.

"He is loved by all family and friends at home so please help us in reaching out.

"I need the help of my neighbourhood and community to achieve this and for my baby to come home."

If you have seen Snow, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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